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The LodeStar™ online learning authoring tool helps trainers and instructors create engaging and effective activities in support of their online courses. LodeStar works with any CMI5 and SCORM conformant learning management system such as Cornerstone, D2L BrightSpace, Prolaera, Moodle, and Blackboard.

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We believe LodeStar™ is the one of the world's easy eLearning authoring tools. Trainers and instructors install LodeStar on their desktop, choose from a wide variety of templates, fill in their content, and export to the web or to their online course.

Let us help you create effective and engaging learning experiences.

One software many templates

All of these solutions are provided as templates and are included in the authoring tool.


With ActivityMaker, an instructor or trainer can build responsive presentations (run on any device) with video, case studies, troubleshooting workflows, short answer questions, multiple choice, drag and drop, timelines, flashcards, and more.


With ARMaker, an instructor can take students on a walking tour, guided by a mobile phone and geolocations and content created by the instructor.


With CaseMaker, one can build responsive presentations (run on any device) with video, case studies, troubleshooting workflows, etc.  With CaseMaker, one can easily add assessment items that include short answer questions, multiple choice, drag and drop, timelines, flashcards, word problems, true and false, and more.


WebQuestMaker is based on the work of Bernie Dodge, PhD, Department of Educational Technology, San Diego State University. The WebQuestMaker template is a derivative of ActivityMaker. WebQuestMaker provides a starter template for building WebQuests. WebQuestMaker provides the basic skeleton of the WebQuest building blocks: Introduction, Task, Process, Links, Evaluation, Conclusion and Credits. Like all LodeStar templates, WebQuestMaker is built on HTML5.


LodeStar occasionally includes templates that are experimental in nature.

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LodeStar™ Free Trial for Windows and Mac

LodeStar, an eLearning authoring tool, produces activities that can be imported* into the following learning management systems: Inspire, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, Blackboard, SCORM Cloud, Prolaera and other SCORM conformant systems.

*Import is supported through the IMS content packaging standard, which is part of the SCORM specification.

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LodeStar has been used to create learning activities for every major learning management system by instructors and trainers from corporations, higher education, K12, and government agencies.

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The LodeStar Community is an international community of higher ed instructors, K12 teachers, instructional designers, instructional technologists, informal educators, Open Educational Resource evangelists, and online learning enthusiasts. Swipe right for more testimonials.

Our Education, Nonprofit, and Corporate Pricing

LodeStar supports both a perpetual* license model and a subscription model. Perpetual model is the least expensive over time; subscription is the least expensive way to get started and is ideal for students. Nonprofit is designed for government agencies and other nonprofits. Choose the option that is best for you:

$249 Per Major Release
Perpetual For Education
$549 Per Major Release
Perpetual for Non Profit
$649 Per Major Release
Perpetual for Corporate

Perpetual Licensing

* Perpetual Licensing means:

Subscription Licensing means:

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LodeStar Learning Corporation accepts direct orders for LodeStar in the form of institutional purchase orders or checks.

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LodeStar Learning Corporation, 16270 110th Street North, Stillwater, MN, 55082

Our Blog

Our blog explores instructional design strategies and wrestles with online learning issues. The primary audience of the blog is composed of educators, but any student of instructional design and instructional technology might find it interesting.

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We’ve just completed LodeStar 10 and continue to test it. We have no current plans to interface with AI. Our focus is to help designers start with simple projects and then offer them more capability as their designs grow from simple present-and-checks to short simulations, story-telling, decision-making scenarios and CCAF (Context Challenge Activity Feedback) projects that the five influential instructional designers would endorse.

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In this article, I write about augmented reality and geolocation storytelling. I dive into the details of how I created the latest augmented reality/geolocation story in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Stillwater fire department. I purposefully cover this in great detail for the benefit of anyone who wants to get started with this new medium.

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On the eve of LodeStar 10’s release, I am taking stock of standards and other influences that had a strong bearing on where our product is headed. Like all toolmakers, I am keeping an eye on effective strategies as well as emerging and maturing technologies and am imagining the opportunities for designers as we work to make these technologies practical and accessible.Here is a list of standards and strategies that are central to LodeStar’s current development.

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The Humble Variable

By Robert Bilyk | February 28, 2020

Instructional Designers are skilled at using text, media and graphics to help meet learner objectives. But design often extends beyond the visible into the functional. Designs might require tracking user performance, branching to an appropriate level of instruction, saving state, and creating highly individualized, interactive, learning experiences.

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I recently heard an interview with Christopher Kimball, formerly of America’s Test Kitchen. Two things he said that stuck with me: First, he described himself as being a home cook rather than a chef. Secondly, he talked about introducing recipes to other home cooks that were slightly out of reach of their comfort zone and knowledge but not way out of reach.

My efforts are a modest version of that. I’m interested in helping online instructors reach out and embrace new ways of interacting with their students. I’m trying to connect to that inner instructional designer in all online teachers. And I’m trying to introduce strategies that are within reach but may require a stretch.

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Interactive Case Studies

By Robert Bilyk | February 12, 2019

The complaint against eLearning is all too common: eLearning applications are boring page turners. The implication is that students flip through the material, learn enough to pass the exam and move on. The experience is transactional; not transformational. No behavioral change. No cognitive change.

Interactive case studies are one strategy to remedy the problem – but, frankly, they are a bit of a challenge to create. In past articles, I’ve introduced some of the research that supports the use of case studies. I also introduced interactive fiction as a way of getting started. If you haven’t read those posts, I’ll introduce a new example in this article and then move on to ‘first steps’.

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