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LodeStarâ„¢ Free Trial for Windows and Mac

Please note: On the PC Version, if Windows SmartScreen filter pops up and you trust LodeStar Learning, select 'More Info' and then 'Run Anyway'.

On the Mac Version, LodeStar 10 is security signed and notarized.

LodeStar is intended for use as an educational or training supplement to help students and trainees learn new concepts and principles, and apply them.  Its assessment items are intended only to provide feedback for students and should not be used in high stakes assessments, including but not limited to mid-terms and finals.

We do everything in our power to correct software bugs and address issues, but provide no warranty beyond that which is allowed under the End User License Agreement. Please read the End User License Agreement before download. We recommend that you try LodeStar with our free, 14 day trial before purchase. Known issues are listed under Help > Known Issues.


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